Auto Glass Repairs 

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We offer a full range of auto glass repair and replacement services to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Windshield Repair

Windshield cracks can happen unexpectedly. Once a windshield is damaged, it is important to get the damage fixed so it doesn’t worsen and become dangerous. Here are the types of windshield cracks we repair:

Star Chip

-Radial cracks spreading from the impact point.

Bulls Eye Chip

-Circular damage caused by a rock or similar object, often large.

Combination Chip

-Multiple types of breaks are present.

Half Moon Chip

Damage from a rock or similar object, causing an irregular bullseye chip.


-A single crack originating from an impact point.


Water leaks

When you notice your vehicle leaking, you need to fix the leak as soon as possible, since ignoring a leak can lead to mold. We fix:

Windshield Leaks

Sunroof Leaks

Side Mirror Leaks

Glass Installation


We will replace these types of automotive glass if they are damaged past the point of repair:


Back window

Front and back door


Rear vent

Side mirrors

In addition, we offer complete interior vacuuming for your vehicle. We believe in the small details of customer service making the biggest difference, and we want you to leave satisfied.