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Auto Glass

Auto Glass

• Cars
• Trucks
• Boats
• RVs

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield cracks can happen unexpectedly. Once a windshield is damaged, it is important to get the damage fixed so it doesn’t worsen and become dangerous. Here are the types of windshield cracks we repair:

• Star Chip
Radial cracks spreading from the impact point.

• Bulls Eye Chip
Circular damage caused by a rock or similar object, often large.

• Combination Chip
Multiple types of breaks are present.

• Half Moon Chip
Damage from a rock or similar object, causing an irregular bullseye chip.

• Cracks
A single crack originating from an impact point.

Custom Auto glass

With over 20 years of experience Streamline can provide you with a range of solutions to any situation needed. We encompas a vast array of residential and corporate applications that suit any needs, ranging from signage, furnishings, architectural elements and much more.Clients can be assured that their custom needs will be met on all metrics. We do the most at Streamline to ensure that the expressive and reflective work meets the passion of the client idea. We will help make a statement with your custom design.

Water Leaks & Other

Windshield Crack Repair

When you notice your vehicle leaking, you need to fix the leak as soon as possible, since ignoring a leak can lead to mold. We fix:
• Windshield Leaks
• Sunroof Leaks
• Side Mirror Leaks
• Glass Installation

Windshield Replacement

We will replace these types of automotive glass if they are damaged past the point of repair:
• Windshield
• Back window
• Front and back door
• Quarter
• Rear vent
• Side mirrors

Interior Vacuuming

In addition, we offer complete interior vacuuming for your vehicle. We believe in the small details of customer service making the biggest difference, and we want you to leave satisfied.

Water Leaks
& Other

Commercial & Residential Development

Commercial & Residential Development

Residential Design

We take our residential work just as seriously as our automotive services. We offer a full suite of installation and repair services for your home, from broken windows to tub enclosures. Experience the peace of mind that comes from letting professionals work on your home – we have a stellar track record for residential installation and repair, and we want to continue bettering our customers’ homes. Do you have home improvements in mind? Our services include:
• Broken Windows
• Sylights
• Mirrors
• Shower Doors
• Tub Enclosures
• Sundeck Glass
• Patio Glass
• Pattern Glass
• Shelves
• Table Tops
If you have a project that’s not on this list, get in touch with us and we’ll provide a quote. Streamline Glass is committed to the highest quality residential glass.


Your work environment can have a huge impact on your productivity. We’re dedicated to creating attractive, functional professional spaces through installing remarkable glass – the effective use of glass in an office can reinvigorate a space and bolster collaboration between team members. If you have a vision for your office, share it with us and we’ll make it happen. When your professional office needs a facelift, make Streamline your first call.

Same-Day ICBC Claims

We want you back on the road as quick as possible. We are an approved vendor for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). This means that as soon as you receive an ICBC quote, come to us and we’ll take care of the rest. We process same day claims, so you never pay out of pocket at a loss – it’s our goal to make repairs as painless and convenient as possible.

We are also able to work alongside other insurance companies, so schedule an online appointment with us and we will handle the insurance claims involved. Life can be unpredictable, but we understand. At Streamline Glass we always have your back when you need fast repairs.

Same-Day ICBC Claims